Pawn Shop in Montclair

At Pomona Pawn Shop, we are proud to give our customers the superior experience they deserve. For the past 50 years, our local, family-owned business has remained committed to excellent customer service. Our reputable, well-established company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest assured that you’re working with trustworthy individuals every time you step through our doors. Our team consists of the most knowledgeable and professional individuals you’ll find anywhere. Maybe you’re shopping for jewelry, electronics, tools, or something else entirely, or perhaps you’re dropping in to sell your gold. We’ll be happy to give you the best prices on whatever you’re buying and the highest payout on anything you have to pawn. Drop in today or contact us to learn more about what sets our local pawn shop in CITY apart from the competition!

Pawn Services


When you decide to pawn or sell gold, you might be unsure about where to turn. Sadly, you can’t trust just any pawn shop with your valuable items. While other pawn shops might give our industry a bad name, Pomona Pawn Shop goes the extra mile in a number of ways. We have decades of gold-buying experience under our belts, which means we know exactly how to value your precious metals. We are also trustworthy and transparent every step of the way. After testing the purity of your items, we’ll give you an offer on the spot. Come to Pomona Pawn Shop if you want to sell or pawn gold of any kind, including:

Gold Bars

Gold Coins

Gold Flake

Gold Nuggets

Gold Rings

Gold Charms

And More!


If you’re thinking about finding a pawn store to sell or pawn silver, look no further than Pomona Pawn Shop. Our experts can evaluate your items and give you top dollar if you’re here to sell silver, or we can give you the best terms in town if you’re more interested in pawning. Our pawn shop services include silver of all types, such as:

Silver Bars

Silver Coins

Silver Plates

Silver Utensils

Silver Antiques

Silver Charms

And More!


When you make the decision to pawn jewelry, you might be going through an emotional time in life. Jewelry can be meaningful, so we always take a kind and understanding approach when we make an offer for your sentimentally valuable items. If you’re dropping by to sell jewelry, we guarantee you’ll get the best offer in town. It’s an honor when our customers come to us to sell rings, necklaces, and other special pieces, because we know you haven’t made that decision lightly. You can trust our capable and reliable pawn shop in CITY to give you top dollar for:








And More!


When you’re planning to sell or pawn watches, you might not know where to begin. How can you be sure you’re getting a fair offer for your valuable and high-quality watch? The answer is clear – our reputation says it all. We have worked hard to earn the trust and repeat business of CITY residents throughout the years, and maintaining our standing in the community is a top priority for us. For those reasons, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated fairly from the moment you enter our store. Come to our CITY pawn shop if you want to buy, sell, or pawn brands like:



Baume Mercier

Patek Philippe

Tag Heuer









Selling or pawning currency can be incredibly confusing – particularly if you aren’t an expert in the field. Luckily for you, Pomona Pawn Shop has all the expertise you need to make a smart financial decision. We buy and sell coins each and every day, so we know everything there is to know about the value of your currency. Not only do we enjoy the opportunity to buy or sell coins, but we love when customers drop in to pawn coins as well. We’ll make an offer that’s fair for both parties, and we’ll leave you feeling certain that you made the right choice by coming to our humble store. We specialize in all types of currency, including:

American Coins

Ancient Coins

Morgan Silver Dollars

Presidential Silver Dollars

Silver Eagle Dollars

Peace Dollars

Eisenhower Dollars

Seated Liberty Dollars

Sacagawea Dollars

Bust Quarters

Barber Quarters

Seated Liberty Quarters

Standing Liberty Quarters

Washington Quarters

Bust Dimes

Seated Liberty Dimes

Mercury Dimes

Barber Dimes

Roosevelt Dimes

Buffalo Nickels

Shield Nickels

Liberty Nickels

Jefferson Nickels

Westward Journey Nickels

Indian Head Pennies

Lincoln Head Pennies

Bicentennial Pennies

Flying Eagle Pennies

And So Much More!

Household Items

When it comes to selling and pawning your household goods, you might be shocked to learn just how versatile our inventory truly is. We are pleased to accept a wide range of items, so our shop is certainly the place to go if you want to sell collectibles, pawn collectibles, or sell antiques, We pride ourselves on maintaining a diverse and high-quality selection of items, ranging from tools to musical instruments to electronics like tablets, phones, and computers. Basically, if your item has any value, we’d love to take a look and make you a reasonable offer!


Everyone falls on hard times at some point in life. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with the pawn process, but the most important thing to know is that Pomona Pawn Shop is the place to go when you need to get cash fast. If you’ve never received a pawn shop loan before, you would be surprised and delighted to learn that our loans require no credit checks because they are collateral loans. Every loan is interest-free for the first 60 days, so you can get your item back and pay no interest if you pay the loan back within this timeframe. We offer low interest rates, high loan amounts, and 5-month terms on just about any item of value!

Call Pomona Pawn Shop and speak with your favorite pawn buyers today at 909-267-9203.