60-Day Free Loans

Cash for Gold, Highest Price Guaranteed. The terms of the loan offered on all items are the same—5-month term with 60* days interest free. If you pay off your loan within the first 60 days, there is absolutely no interest and you get your item back. There are no credit checks involved when you receive a loan from our local pawn shop, as all loans are collateral loans.

We accept almost anything of value. With the rising prices in gold, silver, platinum and precious metals, come claim your cash now! We also pawn/loan on electronics, musical instruments, tools, gaming systems, collectibles and almost anything of value.

A History of Quality Service

Although Pomona Pawn Shop is new to the city of Pomona, our expertise is far from new. We are family-owned-and-operated pawn brokers since the 1970s. We have a history of providing excellent service, good terms, and quality products to our customers.

Our entire inventory is tested and confirmed to be operational when we acquire it. A product is also tested before you walk out the door with it.



Pomona Pawn Shop is located in Pomona, California, and provides a variety of services and products to the people of Pomona and the surrounding areas. Our inventory consists of gold, jewelry, diamonds, electronics, musical instruments, tools, and popular gadgets such as iPods®, tablet computers, and laptop computers. Loans are offered on almost anything of value, complete with longer terms, higher loan amounts, and lower interest rates. In fact, the first 60 days of any loan are interest-free!